Do you know a RD who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and performance in one of these areas: clinical dietetics, community outreach, legislation, management, public relations, or research? The Nominations Committee is seeking qualified candidates for the following awards. If you would like to nominate a coworker, mentor or student – please email us and tell about this outstanding GADA member.

GAND Affiliate Awards:

  • Recognized Young Dietitian
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student
  • Outstanding Dietitian
  • Emerging Dietetic Leader

Distinguished Service Awards:

  • Distinguished Service to GAND
  • Distinguished Service to GADA
  • Distinguished Service by a Legislator
  • Distinguished Service, Researcher
  • Distinguished Service in the Media
  • Distinguished Service to a Grassroots Effort
  • Special Recognition Award
  • Outstanding Educator Award


Recognized Young Dietitian


To recognize the competence and activities of younger dietitians in the American Dietetic Association and to encourage their continued participation in Association affairs. This group will be an additional resource from which the leadership of the Association will develop at the district, state, and local levels.

  • Must be 35 years of age or younger and demonstrate leadership qualities and performance in legislation, research, public relations, education, community outreach, management and other areas related to the profession.
  • They must not have been previously selected as Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year.
  • In addition to active participation and leadership in the organization, the award winner must have shown concern for promoting optimal health and nutritional status of the population.

Outstanding Dietetic Student


To recognize the emerging leadership and achievement of students in approved and accredited dietetics education programs and encourage their participation in the American Dietetic Association. One student from each of the education programs* may be selected per state.


Faculty and preceptors may nominate students for this award.

  • The student must be an Academy member by January 1 of the year in which the student receives the award and be enrolled in an approved program.
  • Student must have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership and professional potential.
  • Limit Outstanding Dietetic Student awards to four – we can nominate one per program type (see listed below):
    • Coordinated Program in Dietetics – CP
    • Dietetic Internship – DI
    • Didactic Program in Dietetics – DPD
    • Dietetic Technician Program – DTP

Outstanding Dietitian


To recognize the outstanding contributions of one member above all others. This is the highest honor a state can pay to one of its members.


The criteria for Outstanding Dietitian of the Year are set at the state level.

  • In Georgia this individual must be a member of the Academy
  • An active member of GAND and have made an outstanding contribution in one or more of the following areas:
    • distinguished service to GAND
    • Recruitment of people into the profession, including increasing public awareness and visibility of registered dietitians and GAND or the Academy
    • Furthering the profession by having published scientific research or by interpreting nutrition information or information about the profession through the mass media.

Emerging Dietetic Leader


To recognize the competence and activities of dietitians, regardless of their age, who have made distinctive contributions early in their careers to the American Dietetic Assoc.

  • Member of the Academy; active on the national, state of district level for at least 5 years
  • The person must be between 5 and 10 years in their professional career.
  • This person shall not have been selected previously for Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year or Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year.
  • Shall have demonstrated leadership in the association, community or employment, and concern for the promotion of optimal health and nutritional status of the population.